Terracotta portrait medallion of Benjamin Franklin by Jean-Baptiste Nini, 1717-1786, signed NINI F. 1777 and inscribed 'B. FRANKLIN AMERICAN'. Nini produced an extremely successful series of nine different images of Franklin, which were cast from molds, carved directly into wax, then hand detailed by Nini before the casts were baked. In this example, the patriot is portrayed in a fur cap and contemporary clothing of his period.  This same version is also in the collection of The American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA, The Los Angeles Museum of Art and The National Portrait Gallery, London, England. SOLD
Amos Doolittle, 1754-1832, copper engraving of John Davenport, the first minister of New Haven, CT. Known as "the Revere of Connecticut", Doolittle was a self taught engraver and silversmith, born in Cheshire, CT and settled in New Haven, 
9 1/2'' high by 6 1/4'' wide.
The Apotheosis of Franklin, copperplate printed on cotton and linen, produced in England for the American market, circa
1785-1800. The motif with Benjamin Franklin as the central figure is embellished with symbols of America 
and allegories of  Liberty. By record, American patriots of means, connected 
to the new Republic patronized such textiles for their home furnishings.
William III, English hand written document on parchment, dated June 9th, 1695 with the royal seal hand executed magnificently in ink at the upper left corner and the official wax seal stamped below. Document  is
19 1/4" w. by 14 1/2" h. including wax seal. SOLD
Early 1800s memo pad having a bust of 
George Washington on 
its cover. This is one of 
the mementos, which  was given as a gift to 
visiting officials and dignitariest at the White House after Washington's      death. It is 2" high diagonally without the
ring at the top. SOLD

Historic textile depicting the American eagle with 'E Pluribus Unum' banner, with flower and foliage surround. Color printed on cotton, circa 1800, 26" l. x 12 1/2" h. Provenance: Ginsburg & Levy Inc, NYC. A larger yardage of this same textile is in the collection of the New York Historical Society.
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