All original Charles II stump work picture, circa 1660-85.  An intricate depiction of a woman with lute, flanked by a leopard and lion within an elaborate  floral boarder worked with silk thread, sea pearls, sequins and coil work  on a silk background. The gilded frame is  from the 18th Century and measures 18" by 14". 
17th Century European needlework with sequins, gold and silk thread, possibly an ecclesiastical fragment, that may have been  part of  a vestment or an alter covering. The female figure is possibly the 14th Century, Saint Catherine of Siena, who believed she had received the stigmata without any physical evidence. Typically, she carries the lily in her hand and a shield over her heart. Catherine worked to return the Papacy to Rome from France and establish peace among the Italian city-states.. She, along with St. Francis was the patron saint of Italy. The later 19th Century frame was likely made to fit the shape.

18th Century English needlework domed box with foliate decoration, worked in silk on a pleasing blue silk background, having an applied tape on all of the edges and fringe at the opening. Some wear on the outside and
tears and wear in the interior. 
Late 17th or very early 18th C. fine needlework depicting a cornucopia of flowers, likely French. Made into a pillow and backed with velvet by Cora Ginsburg, From Cora's personal collection.
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A M E R I C A N  A N T I Q U E S
Circa 1700, extremely rare pair of English diorama pictures 
with biblical scenes, completely original including frames and glass, all in fine condition. The clothing is made of  various types and textures of textiles, faces, hands and feet are painted paper, foliage made of cut paper. Shells, sea pearls and beads are present, creating further dimension. Each frame measures 9 1/2" by 7 3/4".
18th Century American needlework fragment from a gentleman's wedding jacket. Attached to the back is a note written by a family descendant, which reads " Miss Grover's Great Grandmother Hand work 150 years old or more. This cloth is a piece of  Ebinizer Stilury's wedding coat made by his wife Florence Tibbite."

One from a small group of circa 1745-60 Boston School pictorial embroidery, depicting a shepherd and sherpherdess with their sheep and dog. The silk needlework was made completely in tent stitch.The intensity of bright colors is remarkable for its age.
The needlework picture is 11 1/2" high by 8" wide. 
The frame is 19th Century and is 14" by 10 1/2".
Provenance: descended in the Little Family from Newbury, Massachusetts..