18th C. pine bible box having its scratch decoration pattern consistent with work from Hampton Falls, 
NH. Surface retains its 
original worn patina. Provenance: Henry F. 
19th Century carved, wooden mannequin constructed with square nails. The face, hands and feet are well defined and all the body parts move in every direction, easily and smoothly. 
Rare 17th Century Dutch Delft 'siroop' pot dated 'Anno1690', finely decorated  with birds and flora, all in blue on white.
A note left within, states that the open top 
was covered with tightly tied oil skin and the spout was carefully corked when not in use. This early apothecary jar once held and dispensed medicine in the form of syrup. 5 1/2" high, opening is 7 1/4" dia.
19th Century, oval Shaker box of clear, fine grained pine with maple sides. Probably Maine or Canterbury as indicated by the splay on the ends of each finger and also the slightly thicker sides and rounded top edge. This box is constructed with the expected wooden pines and copper nails. The condition is excellent, untouched and all original. Of particular importance is the fit of the lid to the box, which creates a slight vacuum as the lid is removed. Dimensions are 3 5/16" high, 9 1/32" long and 6 1/2" wide. Provenance: Jim Johnson, author of 'BY SHAKER HANDS'.
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A M E R I C A N  A N T I Q U E S
18th C. German bellarmine 'greybeard' jug, 4 gallon size.
In excellent condition, it is
19" in height.

An example of      similar form.
A large 18th C. Dutch Delft blue on whto tobacco jar 
 with beehive shaped brass cover. 16 1/2" high with lid and 11 1/2" high.  SOLD