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.UNDER $500
Beautiful, artful objects
Circa 1750 Dutch Delft vase
with stylized floral design in an embossed cartouche. 8" h. In excellent condition, other than expected minor flaking.
$350 free shipping.
Pewter charger, dated 1717 
and initialed 'VS' within a simple cartouche surround, measuring 10 1/2" diameter

A charming late 19th Century, American oil painting on board of a distressed sailing ship being assisted by a tug boat in a storm. From the private collection of a former American antiques dealer. SOLD
18th Century American needlework fragment from a gentleman's wedding jacket. Attached to the back is a note written by a family descendant, which reads " Miss Grover's Great Grandmother Hand work 150 years old or more. This cloth is a piece of  Ebinizer Stilury's wedding coat made by his wife Florence Tibbite."  $310 free shippimg.

18th Century Chippendale , mahogany dressing or shaving mirror having its original framed mirror glass, backed with an arm that fits into carved grooves, allowing changes to the angle for viewing. The mirror can be raised or lowered on the turned standard. American or English. This makes a lovely and interesting addition to any bedroom. $495
This 18th C. reflecting oven, also called a tin kitchen was part of the cooking implements actually used at the Randall's Ordinary Inn and Restaurant in North Stonington, CT. When the 20th C. owners of the 1685 John Randall House sold their Inn, this is one of their hearth cooking pieces they sold. It is unusually large at 26 1/2" long and in all original condition, standing ready to cook poultry and meats at 
the hearth. SOLD
An early 19th C. hand wrought iron, portable pot lifter or carrier. For open hearth cooking, this is a nice addition to one's supply of 
hearth implements, 19" h.
$78 free shipping.
An 18th C. European wedding cap having intricate, fine needlework 
of gold and silver thread with sequinsSOLD
Circa 1848-88 cobalt on stoneware, 4 gallon batter jug 
with original tin lid. 'ROBERTS. BINGHAMTON, NY' is stamped on the upper back. The bail handle is removable.
The jug measures 9" to the top of the lid. $350.
1876  commerative textile of George Washington                                                                     
within a medallion, flanking a shield of Justice and
Peace. Centennial printing from the American 
Printing Company, Fall River, MA. See American 
Antiques, page 330, Helen Comstock for another
example. Frame 14" by 10 1/4"  $310.
Pair of circa 1840-76 woman's drawers. This undergarment was loose and made of two leg sections, held together at the waist. Nice on a
bed, chair or old door. $58 free shipping.
A sweet, clean and early 19th Century woven wool blanket 
having only a few very minor imperfections. This blanket is
84" long by 83" wide. $195
19th Century hanging spill holder in likely original, worn Spanish brown paint, 10 1/2" high by 6" wide.
Diminutive 18th C. Lowlands or Portugese pewter candlestick, which is 5" high. ​ SOLD
Early 19th Century fragment mirror in hand stitched leather frame with loop for hanging on top. SOLD
A leather bound HOLY BIBLE 
printed in New York, 1828. This 
bible is in completely intact and  
contains both the Old and New 
Testaments.  It is 7 1/4" by 4".
Early 19th Century canteen in original blue with iron chain strap for carrying.
Probably carried on wagon travel. SOLD
19th Century yard winder with heart cut out, all in great old patina. SOLD
Neat old milk can in original red paint, which has worn into a 
perfect patina, likely Shaker $85.
Early 19th C. bread board in old blue grey over original green paint, breadboard ends fastened with square nails. $295.
Early 19th C. iron and wood chopper 
with heart cut out. $495 free shipping.
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Good old, maple rolling pin having beehive handles. SOLD
Charming cast iron trivit in original grayed cream color paint with heart and American eagle motif . SOLD