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UNDER $500

UNDER $500

Early 19th Century, New England hanging candlebox
with traces of old green paint over pine and random
incised concentric circles on the front of the box.. It 
measures 17" high by 12" wide and 6" deep. $485

A delightful and colorful circa 1750, English delft charger 
having a central motif of a lady fanning herself as a gentleman plays a wind instrument.behind her. This charger
is 13" in diameter. It is in fine condition with the exception
of a few chips on the bottom right rim edge area. $325

Early 18th Century wrought iron rush and candle holder
having an extra special central 'turning' on the shaft. It
stands 10 1/2" high. $495

Early 19th Century painted wood box having 
George Washington on horseback on its top.
There is a lift-off insert with divided sections,
which could be used to store jewelry or anything
desired. The box is in original paint and paint
decoration. $395

​Early 19th Century New England foot stool having its original green paint, edged in gold color paint. The top had been upholstered at one time as indicated by the square nail holes. $385

18th Century Connecticut, slat back
arm chair of cherry wood, having mushroom
hand holds above turned front posts. $485

18th or early 19th Century standing, x-base candle drier of ash and chestnut. An interesting addition at a fireplace hearth, in ta kitchen or keeping room. It stands 33" high. SOLD

Circa 1820-40 silk taffeta lady's jacket with vertical stripes and repeating flower motif in good condition. 
 $285 with free shipping.

18th Century treen mortar with early iron pestle
in best patina and perfect wear. It is 5 3/4" high

A clean, lovely and early 19th Century,  woven wool blanket with only a few very
minor imperfections. It can also be used
at the foot of the bed. It's 84" long by
83"wide. $195

An excellent, circa 1700 cast iron three-legged cooking vessel
having a gate on its bottom. The early examples such as this   display the thin characteristic of the iron because of the high
cost of the metal at the time, 7 3/4" high, 8 1/4" dia. $185

American 1876, centennial textile depicting
George Washungton within a medallion, flanked
by a shield of Justice and peace. Printed by the
American Printing Company, Fall River, MA.
See 'AMERICAN ANTIQUES' by Helen Comstock,
page 330 for another example. The frame measures
14" by 10 1/4" $295

Circa 1730-40 English delft charger, Bristol. The use of chinoiserie motifs on delftware began around 1720  from the English taste for Chinese porcelain. This charger displays a Chinese pagoda, tree and flowers, 13" in diameter. This charger is in fine condition with minor rim edge chips. For a similar example, see English Delftware by F.H. Garner and Michael Archer, plate 62B. $465

Mid 19th Century cobalt on stoneware batter jug with
its original tin lid. 'ROBERTS BINGHAMTON,
NY' is stamped on the upper back. The original bail handle is removable. It measures s 9" to the top of the
lid. $350

An early 19th Century, New England woven basket 
in excellent condition and beautiful original surface. It measures 5" high and 11" at widest opening. SOLD

An 18th Century candle holder made of gessoed and painted carved wood, likely of Spanish origin. The male figure carries a torch in one hand that holds the candle and a lyre in the other hand. It is 17" high. This is a unique change of pace from all the usual candlesticks and candle holders one finds in use in Colonial homes. $365

An early 19th Century, New England candle box with slide top, decorated on all sides with a  central painted black dot. The nails are small  T-heads. The box is 3 1/2" high, 6 1/4" long, 3 1/2" deep. $185

Pair of circa 1840-76 woman's drawers. This
undergarment was made in two leg sections, held together at the waist. Charming on a bed, over a chair or hanging on an old door. $35 with free shippimg.

A charming and unique table rug creatively executed with various colored fabrics, made into rose shapes sewn onto 19th C. brown cloth. Perfect for a colorful folk art collection on a table or hanging graphically. It is 40" long by 23" wide. $265

19th Century American rolled iron hanging sconce
with crimped, tombstone shaped top and clinched
candle cup. It is 10" high and 4" wide.

18th Century American needlework` fragment
from a gentleman's wedding jacket. Attached to the back is a handwritten note by a family descendant,
which reads "Miss Grover's Great Grandmother Hand work 150 years old or more. This cloth is a piece of Ebinizer Stilury's wedding coat made by his wife Florence Tibbite." $310